“Lee has been a family friend for many years and has been Santa for several occasions. He does not play the role of Santa, he becomes Santa! He is an amazing person and the kids absolutely adore him. As do most of the adults also. I would recommend him to anyone no doubt. He is hands down the best!”

Kristy C.

“Lee was amazing….He asked for details about my daughter to make the experience very personal….Very fast communication and extremely professional….Would definitely recommend him….Looking forward to booking him next year for sure!”

Matt R.

“We had Santa Lee come up to Kansas City to visit our children. We had adopted our children and they were afraid of most adults, didn’t like Santa, the Easter Bunny or anyone wearing a costume. Lee was kind, gentle and spoke to them in a soft voice, in short best Santa ever, my children came out of their shell and have loved Santa ever since, we’ve not bee able to match the first but he’ll always be remembered. Lee is the best, you won’t be disappointed.”

Randy H.

“Santa Lee brings a youthful enthusiasm and a contagious laugh to the kids … the children seem to respond much better than with the old smelly Santas. His coat and outfit seemed new and fresh, and he was a joy to work with prior to the event!”

Dano B.